Peter started out last night's episode in Peru! With only six ladies left on his journey, this week was all about figuring out whose families he wants to meet. The episode starts out with Peter calling his mom and she is being as supportive as ever. After some advice, Peter goes to greet the women at their hotel and gives them a lecture telling them to "make sure you know what you want."

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Madison is heading to hometowns

Madison gets the first one-on-one and they go fishing in Pucusana! Things are going well for them and Peter even admits that he sees Madison as his "best friend that you could also fall in love with." Madison opens up about her faith at dinner and she gets the rose!

Natasha gets the second one-on-one which marks her first date alone all season! They meet at the Plaza de Armas for an afternoon of exploring and eating. Peter ultimately decides that he sees Natasha as more of a friend as opposed to being "romantically invested." Natasha is disappointed but doesn't seem all too surprised to be going home

Kelsey has a normal date

Kelsey gets her second one-on-one of the season and they take a ride on some ATV's and then relax on the mountainside. They talk about what an ideal marriage looks like to them and Kelsey seems to have the most normal date and conversation so far. Kelsey gives Peter a little bit more insight into her family and her complicated relationship with her father. She gets the rose and Peter is going to Iowa!

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The dreaded three-on-one erupts with Kelley, Hannah Ann and Victoria F. Two ladies stay, and one goes. Kelley is incredibly confident (and cocky) however, things take a turn during their conversations. Hannah Ann gets pulled first and she has a list made up of "Things I Love About You". Kelley's conversation runs a little dry and Peter doesn't seem to love what she says. 

Victoria and Hannah Ann get roses

Victoria F. and Peter have yet another emotional conversation where Victoria accuses Peter of being in a mood and starts to cry. "I, like, just don't want to get to the end and then, like, lose you," she says. Peter for some reason just can't shake her and sends her in an SUV... with a rose of course

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Down to Kelley and Hannah Ann, Hannah Ann is the last one going to hometowns! Confident Kelley keeps her composure while saying goodbye to Peter but then saying that the four remaining women are "like little babies" in the reject SUV. See you in hometowns Bachelor Nation... 

Here's a sneak peak into hometown week next week!