The Champagne Gate drama continues on week 3 of The Bachelor: Get the recap here!

#champagnegate drama... Is it resolved?

'The Bachelor' Episode 3 Recap: Who's Fake?

Peter Weber's journey to find love seems as though it has only just begun! We are three weeks into the drama and while speaking to ET on set of episode 3 during the pillow fight date hosted by Bachelor alum Demi Burnett, Peter revealed some interesting choices...

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Here's the full recap from episode 3 of The Bachelor

The Bachelor: Peter's 2 frontrunners

On night one, Peter gave his first impression rose to Hannah Ann, who at this point in the game is NOT one of Weber's top three picks. "I had an amazing night last night with Victoria P. Her heart just completely shined through. She was able to open up to me and definitely falling for her very hard," the Bachelor confessed according to ET

"I'm really feeling Madison, she's my first one-on-one and she just, it was kinda cool to share, I was able to share a really personal date with her and something that really meant a lot to me. She just absolutely killed it. I'm really vibing with her as well," he gushed about the woman he took on the date where they got to witness Peter's parents renew their vows.

Peter has a great connection with Kelley!

The third frontrunner for Pilot Pete you ask? The answer is Kelley! "[I] kind of have a little bit of a backstory with her before all this started. Just kinda a fate thing. Kelley, just right off the bat, [we had a] really great connection. I'm feeling really good about her," he said to ET and then admitting that the journey will be difficult for him moving forward. 

Peter is already starting to feel real feelings for some of the women so we can't wait to see how his journey progresses! Stay tuned to for your weekly Bachelor recaps! 

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