In The Queen's Gambit, the young "Beth" is played by Isla Johnston. The young actress is still at the very beginning of her career and was able to land a great role in one of her first projects.

Johnston started her TV career in 2018 with the role of "Fiona" in the miniseries Kiri. She was also seen in an episode of the soap opera Doctors in 2019. But The Queen's Gambit is the budding actress's first major role.

Isla Johnston (left) in "The Queen's Gambit"

The Queen's Gambit: Young "Beth" grows up over 7 episodes

Isla Johnston played the young "Beth," portraying the character's difficult childhood. "Beth" grew up in an orphanage and came into contact with drug abuse, which in later years developed into an addiction.

Finally, with the help of "Mr. Shaibel" (Bill Camp), the young "Beth" discovers a great passion for the game of chess and she becomes a gifted player. Johnston plays the role convincingly until she is replaced by Anya Taylor-Joy, who plays the older "Beth."

'The Queen's Gambit': Meet The Cast Of The Netflix Hit

Isla Johnston acts in 4 episodes of The Queen's Gambit

Overall, Isla Johnston can be seen in The Queen's Gambit as the young "Beth" in four episodes. As she's still a child star, not many facts are known about the actress. But according to Featured Biography, she is 13 years old and was born in Britain. Perhaps we'll get to know her better as the rising star establishes her career.

Bill Camp in his role of "Mr. Shaibel "in" The Queen's Gambit "

The next projects of the young talent are already known, too: She will be seen in the thriller Unmourned and in sci-fi TV series Ray James. Queen's Gambit fans will want to watch for Isla Johnston's next steps.

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