The Umbrella Academy's leader was "Number 1/Luther"  played by ruggedly handsome Tom Hopper. Tom has had many wild roles under his belt but "Luther" is the one that launched him into infamy. Meet The Umbrella Academy's "Number 1"!

Where is Tom Hopper From? 

Tom Hopper was born on January 28th, 1985, in Coalville, Leicestershire, England. He had expressed interest in acting from a very young age, enrolling in drama classes, and studying acting at the Rose Bruford College. He began his acting career in theater and small television shows like Saxon, Kingdom, and Doctors. In 2010 he even broke into major BBC productions and was featured in an episode of Doctor Who before becoming a regular on Merlin as "Sir Percival". 

Gorgeous Tom continued acting in hits like Black Sails where he played "Billy Bones". At one point he actually landed a spot on the smash-hit series Game of Thrones as "Dickon Tarly", the brother of "Samwell Tarly" whose father forced him to renounce his name in order to make "Dickon" the next head of the family. "Dickon" was a complicated character who loved his brother and felt sorry for him while also feeling a great deal of loyalty to his family name and the North. 

Tom went on to star in Amy Schumer's 2018 film I Feel Pretty, Terminator: Dark Fate, and then finally the role he was destined for "Number 1 a.k.a. Luther" in Netflix's The Umbrella Academy!

The Umbrella Academy's "Luther"

Tom's character "Luther" is extremely complicated and compassionate, being the leader of his superhero siblings and standing by his neglectful father's side to a self-destructive point and being in love with his adopted sister "Allison". His strength and loyalty help keep the family together but his stubbornness tends to get them in even more trouble!

"Number 1" has super strength and eventually gorilla-like abilities after he was greatly injured in a tragic mission gone wrong. After recovering from his accident, his callous father "Sir Reginald Hargreeves" sent him on a top-secret mission on the moon that turned out to be all a ruse to keep him away from Earth. It's this revelation that sends him on a wild drug and alcohol-fueled spiral that oddly enough his drug addict brother "Klaus" has to save him from!

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In the second season, he found himself a great spot competing in underground fights and being the security for a well-known mobster and can only be pulled out of his sullen funk by his true love, his adopted sister "Allison". 

Tom has found great joy in his new role in The Umbrella Academy and has expressed tons of gratitude for the creator of the series and his co-stars. He even has a new podcast with his on-screen sibling "Klaus" Robert Sheehan called The Earth Locker!

This Is Tom Hopper's Personal Life

Tom married actress Laura Higgins back in 2014 and the two share a son and a daughter that he was lucky enough to have live on set during the filming of both seasons, thanks to The Umbrella Academy's Steve Blackman! 

Tom has a bright future ahead of him and was recently seen in The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard and SAS: Red Notice! We can't wait to get even more of The Umbrella Academy's "Number 1"!