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The Waltons

Created by Earl Hamner Jr., the Waltons became one of the most celebrated series throughout the 1970s! The show recounts the life of a humble family during The Great Depression and World War II. The story lasted 9 seasons and 221 episodes, ending in 1981, becoming a television classic ever since!

Having been on air until the early 1980s, NBC aired three more movie sequels in the same decade and three more follow up films in the 1990s.

Characters from The Waltons

The Waltons had an extensive cast:

  • Richard Thomas as "John-Boy Walton Jr."
  • Ralph Waite as "John Walton"
  • Michael Learned as "Olivia Walton"
  • Will Geer as "Zebulon Walton"
  • Ellen Corby as "Esther Walton"
  • Jon Walmsley as "Jason Walton"
  • Judy Norton Taylor as "Mary Ellen Walton"
  • Eric Scott as "Ben Walton"
  • David W. Harper as "Jim-Bob Walton"

The Waltons Fun Facts

  • The series is based on the 1961 novel Spencer's Mountain.
  • It inspired the series The Ingalls Family.
  • Henry Fonda was almost cast as "John Walton"!
  • The fictional family home was used in the Gilmore Girls decades later by Warner Bros!