Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor On Extreme Self Destruct Mode

Season 8 of Bravo's Vanderpump Rules has been a wild ride with hurricane Jax building up the intensity for a while now. Jax Taylor should be happy, having just recently gotten married to the love of his life Brittany Cartwright but something has been wrong and he has been irrationally starting fights with everyone around him.


Vanderpump fans will know this is something he does, he has a horrible history of burning friends, cheating on every girlfriend he's had and blatantly lying to cover his ass. But it seemed he was finally turning a corner, mending friendships and choosing monogamy with his now wife-Brittany

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Not anymore. Jax sent out a flurry of rage texts to his friends and randomly uninvited people to his housewarming party so Tom Sandoval threw a get together for everyone who was not included. Even though Jax was the original perpetrator he doesn't seem to see it that way and has now started a war with countless of his castmates and friends so much so that wife Brittany is forced to ask their friends to be patient with him.

While prepping for a Hollywood Reporter photoshoot Ariana confronted Jax for his unwarranted criticisms of her home and calling her "miserable" and a "bitch." She said she would no longer take the high road with him because "the high road hasn't really worked with you over the years," to which he claimed he had only made a few mistakes but Ariana disagreed and clarified he had done "a lot of those, to a lot of people."

Jax Taylor Confronted About His Bad Behavior By Show Head Lisa Vanderpump 

During the photoshoot, Jax was asked to change his shirt which set hair-trigger Jax off forcing Lisa Vanderpump to also pull him aside and ask him what that hell is wrong. "I've had a bad day" he claimed to which Lisa VDP said, "You've been having a bad couple weeks."

Jax admitted he has been angry lately and blowing up on people and was confused as to why he wasn't happy during the best year of his life. Straightforward Lisa told him he needs to get his act together because he has a habit of self-destruction.

Later when they spoke again after Jax and long-time friend Tom had a confrontation, Jax tripped up and said the absolute wrong thing to the hand that feeds you. He told Lisa "This is not just about a f***ing television show Lisa, these are my true friends. This is why my show is successful."

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Lisa pulled out her most intimidating British low punishing voice and said "It's actually not your show, it's my show and I put your ass on it, so don't be f***ing disrespectful to me. Stop making yourself feel more special than you are. We're all human beings, we're all gonna lose people, we're all gonna fall in love, we're all gonna have great relationships, we're all gonna lose our parents, we're all gonna go through tragedy because that's what life's about. You've got a beautiful woman, you've got every chance in life. Now pull it together, go see somebody, talk to them, and realize how lucky you are. End of f***ing story." Spine shivering. 

In a shocking twist, James Kennedy apologized to Lala Kent's fiancé Randall Emmett for his previous rude comments, and James admitted he was "immature" and that Lala and Randall were "perfect" for one another. What a wild ride! James Kennedy apologizes and Jax Taylor burns bridges, what a finale!

We can't wait for the upcoming virtual reunion!

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