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Love Story is one of the most famous dramas of the seventies. Ali MacGraw (84) and Ryan O'Neal (82) played a couple of college students, whose love story unfortunately did not have a happy ending. Viewers everywhere cried when well-off student "Oliver Barrett" married beautiful "Jenny Cavilleri" even though his father disapproved of the match, only for her to die from cancer.

The tragic romance won an Oscar in 1970 for Best Original Score and was nominated in another six categories. Ryan O'Neal was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for his performance. 

Love Story: Ryan O'Neal's big breakthrough 

Ali and Ryan became true Hollywood A-listers after the success of Love Story. Ryan's career reached dizzying heights when he starred alongside Barbra Streisand in What's Up, Doc?. He gave a superb performance as a con artist in Papermoon alongside his daughter Tatum. Ryan still works as an actor and was a recurring cast member on Bones from 2006 to 2017.

Ryan O'Neal dated Barbra Streisand

Ryan O'Neal's love life has been likened to a Hollywood film. He was in an on/off relationship with Charlie's Angels star Farrah Fawcett for seventeen years and he proposed to her shortly before she died of cancer in June 2009. Ryan also had cancer, he was diagnosed with leukemia in 2001 and prostate cancer in 2012. He revealed to People that his chances of survival were high as the cancer was diagnosed early. 

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Ali MacGraw left Hollywood

Ali MacGraw was also nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in Love Story. She only appeared on the silver screen three times after starring in Love Story, but worked successfully as a TV actress. She played numerous lead roles in various thrillers, but also in several TV series. She appeared in one season of Dynasty.

She retired from acting after her stint on Dynasty. She is a keen yoga practitioner and her yoga book and DVD became bestsellers. She was married to Hollywood legend Steve McQueen (†50) from 1973 to 1978. She has one son from her marriage to Robert Evans, who also worked in show business. 

Ryan O'Neal & Ali MacGraw: Reunited after 45 years

Forty-five years after Love Story was released Ali and Ryan celebrated their comeback as an acting duo on stage. They played an old couple who read love letters that they had written to one another over the course of fifty years to one another in the play Love Letters