Every time new pictures of the Cambridge's are released, we get very excited knowing that they will be some brilliant photos. The photos that were shared on the @Kensingtonroyal Instagram account yesterday certainly did not disappoint! Prince William and Duchess Catherine visited the RHS Back to Nature Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show in London on Sunday May 19th. 

Duchess Catherine is a strong advocate for the proven benefits of nature and being in the outdoors for it's positive impact on mental health and physical health. She truly believes that the environment can have a positive impact on child development in particular. According to their Instagram post, over the past few months, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have been helping their mother collect sticks, moss and leaves to help decorate the RHS Back to Nature Garden. 

The RHS Back to Nature Garden was in fact designed by Duchess Catherine herself along with award-winning landscape architects Andrée Davies and Adam White, according to @kensingtonroyal Instagram. Their designs were to portray a "woodland setting for families and communities to come together and connect with nature."

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