• Queen Máxima stuns in glittering tiara
  • At the Royal Palace Amsterdam
  • She looks majestic

When royalty meets fashion, it's a sight to behold! Queen Máxima, alongside her husband, King Willem-Alexander, welcomed the Spanish monarchs in style. The Argentinian-born Dutch queen was a vision in a blue-toned dovetail grey ballgown by Jan Timiniau, complete with a diamond stomacher from the Stuart Parure. 

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Jewels that tell a story

But it wasn't just the gown that caught the eye. Queen Máxima's choice of jewels - from the diamond drop earrings to the Stuart Tiara - added layers of history and glamour to her ensemble. These weren't just accessories; they were narrators of the past, with the tiara dating back to 17th-century monarchs King William III and Queen Mary of England. Her eyes sparkling as brightly as the teardrop-shaped diamond on her diadem.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 17-04-2024, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima with King Felipe VI of Spain and Queen Le

Queen Letizia of Spain wasn't far behind in the fashion stakes, dazzling in a cobalt ballgown from The 2nd Skin Co., adorned with historic jewels of her own. The two queens, in their regal attire and bedecked in jewels, presented a splendid sight, yet it was clear that this was no competition but a celebration of mutual admiration and shared history.


A night of firsts

The evening was also a significant moment for Princess Catharina-Amalia, the future queen of the Netherlands, who made her debut at a state banquet. Dressed in the Ruby Peacock Parure, she symbolized the next generation of royalty, ready to carry forward the legacy of her forebears.

Earlier in the visit, Queen Máxima set the tone with her fashion choices, from a ruby red ensemble to a belted pale mauve coat dress, proving that her style is as versatile as it is elegant. Each appearance was a masterclass in royal fashion, blending tradition with contemporary flair.

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