• Melissa McCarthy was a star on 'Gilmore Girls'
  • She can't watch the show today
  • What does she think about it now?

Melissa McCarthy is scared to watch her shows

The actress was a guest on 'Sunday Today' with Willie Geist and spoke candidly about her experiences.

"I am afraid that something will happen to me and I will be found in a room while watching my own shows," says the actress. For Melissa McCarthy, that also includes 'Gilmore Girls'.

"For some reason I'm scared of passing out and the paramedics find me watching my own shows and think to themselves how funny that is," she continues. "That's why I'm super paranoid and can't watch any of my own shows in my house," the "Sookie" actress ended her explanation.

How does she feel about 'Gilmore Girls'?

So it's not because she no longer supports the series - quite the opposite! Melissa McCarthy still has a lot of positive things to say about 'Gilmore Girls'.

"It has this cross-generational influence. The series has always meant a lot to me," she says.

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