The 37-year-old Supernatural star Jared Padalecki was arrested this Sunday outside a club called Stereotype in Austin, Texas, for allegedly punching a bartender in the face and supposedly hitting the general manager.

Padalecki was taken into custody and now he's facing two counts of assault and one of public intoxication. When police officers arrived to the club, the actor reportedly pulled out a stash of cash and waved it in front of them before being arrested. 

What's the connection between Jared Padalecki and Stereotype?

The Gilmore Girls star has been spotted several times at the club in Austin, Texas. His connection to it is not quite clear, but some reports suggest he is actually the owner, while others say he is an investor.

Padalecki's bond is set at 5,000 dollars per charge - $15,000 in total. It has not been confirmed if he has been released yet. 

Wow! We thought that these celebrities had spotless reputations...

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