21 Jump Street Johnny Depp Joins Instagram

1 day and 2 posts later and he already has almost 2 million followers! He seems to be slowly trying to understand the social media beast much like fellow new Instagrammer Matthew McConaughey.

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Depp promoted his recent cover of John Legend's song "Isolation" with Yardbirds guitarist Jeff Beck and posted an odd video addressing fans about the COVID-19 outbreak. The 8-minute video has a very somber and dark feel to it, with Johnny sitting amongst candles and speaking encouraging words softly and the importance of self-isolation. He plans to make content to help pass the time by for his fans and viewers.

Johnny Depp Opening Up Since Amber Heard Lies And Audiotapes Come To Light

Johnny had been incredibly silent this past year while all the allegations against him from ex-wife Amber Heard were thrown at him. Now that the tables have turned with evidence of Amber lying about her domestic violence accusations and audiotapes of her admitting to abusing Johnny have come out, he seems to be slowly opening up to the public again.

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He has since sued Sun magazine for printing Amber's proven lies which defamed him and cost him work and backlash against those working with him like J.K. Rowling and the Pirates Of The Caribbean crew. Hopefully now with his newfound access to fans and the public, we will get to see more of Johnny and hear his side of the story.