Infamous rapper Kanye West held his first official campaign rally for the 2020 Presidential election in South Carolina and confessed to his audience some shocking truths about his past. To claps and groans Kanye gave personal testimonies to explain his vision for America should he become President.

Kanye West's First Presidential Rally

Donning a bullet-proof vest and "2020" shaved into his hair Kanye West held an explosive first Presidential campaign rally in South Carolina. During his speech, he addressed many aspects from his past including asking Kim Kardashian to abort their beloved eldest daughter North West when she first became pregnant by him. He explained, "She had the pills in her hand..." but God came to Kanye and told him "If you f*** with my vision, I'm gonna fuck with yours. And I called my wife and she said 'we're gonna have this baby.' I said 'we're gonna have this child.'"

During this intense anecdote, he commended his wife Kim Kardashian for "protecting" their child from Kanye's rapper ways and instincts. He also explained his father also asked his mother to abort Kanye and she refused "My mom saved my life, there would have been no Kanye West." He began to break down and cry uncontrollably saying "I almost killed my daughter." His love for his daughter was evident and passionate.

During this confession, multiple rally attendants asked "What is your point?" to which he answered his plans for women who become pregnant to not have abortions, and instead he will make sure they each get $50,000 a year to support their child. Many rally members pushed back including one who asked him about women who had been raped, underage, or who just aren't "ready" to take care of a child. He responded by suggesting women should put their children up for adoption instead and that "Steve Jobs was adopted."

Kanye West Admits To Driving High

The incredibly talented musician also spoke about the opioid crisis and how easy it is to become addicted, even admitting he himself abused prescription drugs. He stated "I had plastic surgery to try to look young... after getting plastic surgery, that was a slippery slope to getting addicted to Percocets," and that he would drive "high as a motherf*****."

He made many shocking statements like claiming to have a 132 IQ and having to be hospitalized due to his brain being too large for his skull. In between his deeply personal stories he mentioned a few plans he had should he become president, some being met with praise from the crowd and others being met with harsh groans and moans. 

Kanye needs 10,000 signatures from the state of South Carolina to have his name included on the ballot. He has announced more upcoming rally dates as well.