"Kelly" from The King of Queens played the best friend of "Carrie" (Leah Remini) in the hit sitcom! Merrin Dungey actually appeared in every season of the series except for the 2002-3 season. She's dedicated herself to several major TV shows over the course of her career! "Kelly" from The King of Queens is also a film star - see what new movies she's in!

"Kelly" from The King of Queens: This is Merrin Dungey

"Kelly" from The King of Queens was also "Francie Calfo / Allison Doren" in the thriller series Alias. A California native, Merrin Dungey grew up around the arts. She did ballet, ice skating, and practiced the piano! She then graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA in 1993. And it runs in the family: her sister, Channing Dungey, has been the president of ABC Entertainment since 2016!

Merrin first had her start in acting when appearing in minor roles on shows such as Martin, ER, and Seinfeld. She then appeared in the Steven Spielberg-produced film Deep Impact and the comedy EDtv

"Kelly" from The King of Queens - Merrin Dungey today!

In 1999, Merrin then secured her role as "Kelly" in The King of Queens. This would lead to other prominent roles in Alias, Malcolm in the Middle, Summerland, and Grey's Anatomy

Today, Merrin Dungey is still appearing in both TV shows and films! Her most recent TV guest role was in Star Trek: Picard and Man with a Plan, opposite Matt LeBlanc. 

Merrin just finished wrapping up the film Inside Me and will be in the upcoming film Greenland, scheduled for a September 2020 release in the U.S! 

In her personal life, Merrin has been married to Matthew Drake since May 2007. The couple also have two daughters together! 

Merrin Dungey in 2020

"Kelly" from The King of Queens may not always have the lead role in television series or films, but she has excelled on screen and proved herself as an outstanding actress! We hope to see more of her soon!