• Diona Reasonover is known from her work on 'NCIS'
  • She's always had the same look on the show
  • But is her character getting a makeover now?

Diona Reasonover (31) has played forensic scientist "Kasie Hines" on 'NCIS' ever since 2018 and fans really love having her on the iconic show. The actress mostly wears her hair in an afro and her natural black hair color on the show. But privately, Diona was probably in the mood for a change! 

Diona Reasonover in purple – she looks so different!

The 'NCIS' star posted herself on Instagram with purple curls. Standing out from any crowd with this hair color, she also chose a purple lipstick to go with it. 

Also interesting:

Diona Reasonover currently stars on NCIS  as forensic scientist "Kasie Hines".

Replacing Pauley Perrette was big shoes to fill...

'NCIS': Has Diona Reasonover Won Over The Fans By Now?

The new hair color suits Diona perfectly – “Kasie” would certainly rock the look too. The actress doesn't reveal whether the new hairstyle will also be seen on TV. However, she does make it clear that it won't last long...

Watch the video above to learn more!