Orlando first hesitatingly adopted Mighty for his son and has now become super attached to the sweet little pup. Unfortunately, sweet Mighty has gone missing and Orlando is imploring the public to help.

Orlando Bloom's Beloved Dog Goes Missing

Expecting father Orlando Bloom has just posted a few photos of his sweet pup Mighty begging the public for information. He captioned the furry face with "MIGHTY IS MISSING in Montecito California. He is chipped and his collar has a number to call -- if you take him to your local vet or shelter or police station he can be traced back to me for a reward. Please only send REAL INFO. My heart is already broken so please don't add insult to injury."

Orlando first adopted Mighty in 2017 when his son asked for a "very small dog" and at first Bloom was hesitant but in an interview with Nick Grimshaw, he said "this one magicked its way into his life. I didn't pick it. I didn't choose it. I wouldn't necessarily have, but he did, in many ways, because he was like, 'I want a mini dog,' and there was a mini dog."

The Lord of the Rings star was worried about the safety of having such a small dog but soon grew to love the adorable little fella saying now "I'm obsessed. I've started to Instagram, I just do stores of the dog the whole time. I think it roughens my masculine edges."

Hopefully, Bloom, Perry, and Mighty are all reunited soon. We have our fingers crossed for his safe return!