• Life is full of dangers
  • Some celebrities have been in life-threatening situations
  • Here are 10 celebrities who nearly died

Even the most famous among us have to deal with all the normal perils of existence. Here are 10 celebrities who survived fearful situations, starting with one of America's sweethearts: Drew Barrymore, who had a life-threatening experience while she was at work!

These celebs have stared death in the face!

Accidents on a movie set are part of the danger of action and horror movies, but no one expected Drew to get hurt while filming Santa Clarita Diet. The actress slipped and hit her head against concrete, ending in a serious injury and having to be taken to the hospital.

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Up next is Ryan Reynolds. Before Reynolds became a professional skydiver, he had an accident on his 13th attempt, when his parachute failed to open. Luckily, the emergency strips saved his life just in time! 

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