• Taylor Swift's love bite sparks frenzy
  • Fans think Travis Kelce is the culprit
  • Swift was spotted with a noticeable red mark on her neck 
As Swift belted out "Champagne Problems" at the Friends Arena, a noticeable red mark was visible above her blue lace dress's neckline, nearly matching her signature red lipstick. The sighting sent Swifties into a detective frenzy, with social media buzzing with theories and cheeky comments about the origins of the mark. "Is that a hickey on your neck, or did you 'burn yourself with a hair straightener'???" one fan teased, while another quipped, "Travis Kelce had a big appetite."

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Taylor and Travis: Romance in the air

The hickey speculation comes hot on the heels of Swift and Kelce's romantic escapade in Italy. The duo, who reportedly started dating last summer, enjoyed a lavish stay at the $21,000-per-night Villa Sola Cabiati in Lake Como, complete with candlelit dinners and cozy boat rides despite the rain. Their Italian getaway was a continuation of their love story, which saw Kelce flying to Europe to support Swift during her Paris tour stop, further fueling the romance rumors.

Swift, known for weaving personal details into her performances, didn't shy away from giving Kelce several nods during her concerts. From donning the Kansas City Chiefs' colors to altering lyrics to hint at her beau, Swift's actions have only added fuel to the fire of their budding romance.The internet is abuzz with reactions, theories, and memes about the possible hickey, with fans eagerly dissecting every detail of Swift and Kelce's public appearances. Whether it's a love bite or a simple mark, one thing is clear: Swifties are here for this romance and can't wait to see what unfolds next.

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