Tyler Posey's tattoos are hard to miss! Lining both his arms and calves, as well as his torso, with all his ink the Teen Wolf actor is just as formidable as his on-screen character! He's definitely not afraid of needles and got his first tattoo at the young age of 10! 

Born October 18, 1991, Tyler Posey's interest in tattoos started at an early age when he would make his own designs and he knew he wanted to eventually transfer some of those designs to his own body! Have you ever wondered what each tattoo means to the actor? Well, we are here to break them down for you! 

Tyler Posey's Tattoos

Tyler Posey attends LA Premiere Event Of Cirque du Soleil's Amaluna

Tyler Posey's tattoos on his arms include a music note on his left bicep inspired by one of his favorite bands, Blink 182! The actor's arms are also decorated with things like a gypsy lady for good luck, a space ship, an eagle, a rose, and many more of his own designs!  

Tyler also used to have some interesting tattoos on his torso, including two nipple tattoos inspired by his time on Teen Wolf! On his abdomen, Tyler also used to have a pair of Jester masks that represented his love for theatre and acting until he eventually had them removed in favor of two angels holding a love sign. It appears he is also now donning an eagle on his chest! 

Tyler Posey's Leg Tattoos

Tyler Posey attends the 2015 MTV Movie Awards

One of Tyler Posey's most difficult tattoos to date has been his calf tattoo. Featuring a multi-colored rock sign, Tyler has stated that it was definitely the most painful to get! You will also find an assortment of tattoos on the front of his right leg including:

  • a hot air balloon in memory of a trip he took to Hawaii
  • an umbrella to represent cool shade when he has to work in the sun
  • as well as a dagger and skull which don't seem to have any further meaning than what they are

The now 29-year-old actor loves to talk about his enthusiasm for getting ink and he loves to post pictures of them on his Instagram! We are sure the future will hold more interesting tattoo stories for Tyler Posey!