The time has finally come: Adele is back with new music. For six years, fans have waited for music from the British singer — now she is back. Adele shared a first taste of her new single with fans on Instagram.

Adele previews new single "Easy on Me"

On Instagram, Adele posted a snippet of her new song, which is called "Easy on Me." The singer, who recently changed up her look, invites you to watch a black-and-white clip. It shows Adele lost in thought while driving, set to melancholy piano music.

Fans won't have to wait long, because the song will drop everywhere on Oct. 15. Donatella Versace also seems to be enthusiastic: "Can't wait!!!!!" the fashion designer commented on Adele's preview.

Speculation about Adele's new album in 2021

Rumours about a new Adele album began last weekend. Around the world, projections of the number 30 were seen on a black-and-blue background at landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Eiffel Tower, and the Empire State Building.

Of course, Adele's previous three albums were titled 1921, and 25. Shortly afterward, Adele changed her social media profile pictures, which now show the same black-and-blue spotted background — is it a sign?

We're curious to see if all the speculation comes true and fans get a fourth album from the acclaimed singer!

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