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Barbra Streisand reminisced about her special friendship with Prince Charles.

The singer joined Lorraine today, where she chatted about her connection with the Prince of Wales in the early 1970s — when he was an eligible bachelor and before he'd met Princess Diana.

Barbra Streisand on Prince Charles relationship in new interview

On the British talk show, host Ross King asked Streisand if Prince Charles stories will feature in her upcoming memoir, leading her to share memories of the young Prince.

So, how they first met. Streisand explained: "I remember I was recording at Warner Brothers... and he asked to meet me.

"So he came to the recording studio and I offered him a sip of tea, which he took! And I thought, 'They didn't have to test me for poison or something?!" she joked.

Barbra Streisand with Prince Charles in 1974, the year they met.

She added: "We became friends and I loved spending time at Highgrove for a weekend fundraiser I remember and going through his gardens."

The 80-year-old then shared a fun story about when her royal admirer sent her flowers. She recalled that while visiting the UK:

"I saw this bouquet of flowers and I said, 'Who sent me that?' and [my assistant] said, 'A fan called Charles.'

"I said, 'Really? Let me see the note.' And there was his seal, and they weren't from a florist, they were from his gardens, and she just mistook it for a fan. It was so funny, you know. That's Prince Charles!" she exclaimed.

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Streisand added: "That was before he met Diana." She then recalled her joke that she "could have wound up being the first Jewish princess" if things had played out differently with Charles.

The singer was also rumoured to have had an affair with Prince Charles in the mid-90s, but that story has never been confirmed by either party.

Since 1998, Streisand has been married to actor James Brolin, her second husband after Elliott Gould.