• Here's how Kate and William are doing after Harry & Meghan
  • This is what a body language expert says about the appearance of the royals
  • They want to appear "tough"

Since the Netflix doc Harry & Meghan was released, there have been a lot of eyes on the British royal family. In the docu-series, Harry and Meghan reveal bold statements that seemingly attack William and Kate. 

Duchess Kate and Prince William at a public appearance after the Harry & Meghan documentary

But despite the negative mood, Prince William and Princess Kate took part in a Christmas concert with their eldest children Prince George (9) and Princess Charlotte (7). This took place shortly after the release of the second part of the Harry & Meghan documentary.

Kate arrives alone first, and William comes later with the children. The family attends the concert as a unit, which is hosted by Kate. At this event, Prince William is said to present himself as a "tough guy", through his body language, according to a body language expert from The Mirror.

The Royals want to present themselves confidently

According to the expert, Kate displayed "determination and resilience". By throwing back her hair to show the right side of her face.

Kate also walks "with a wide stride", which positively contributes to these confident qualities. Duchess Kate is cheerful and enthusiastic, especially when dealing with the guests of the concert and her family.

Also interesting:

"Both seem to walk with a bit of a Mike Tindall-style tough-guy swagger, with arms down at their sides and smiles on their faces," the expert noted. But even if the couple presents themself positively, one can only imagine that Harry and Meghan's statements are having a toll on the royal couple.