Lady Di (†36) became Crown Princess and a member of the Royal Family through her marriage to Prince Charles (72) in 1981. However, she had to endure a lot in her marriage to the Prince of Wales.

Her misfortune was often related to Camilla Parker Bowles (73). Camilla and Charles were said to have had an affair even before Diana and Charles married.

Lady Di received a letter from Camilla

The series The Crown, which has just been extended for a sixth season, shows in the fourth season a scene in which Princess Diana and Duchess Camilla have lunch together after the announcement of Diana and Charles's engagement. This was preceded by a letter from Camilla to Lady Di...

Lady Diana 1983

In truth, Diana received a letter from her, as you can see in the documentary Diana: In Her Own Words: "There was a letter on my bed from Camilla, dated two days previous saying, 'Such exciting news about the engagement. Do let's have lunch soon when Prince of Wales goes to Australia and New Zealand. And love to see the ring. Lots of love, Camilla.'"

Lady Diana's lunch with Camilla

In the documentary, Lady Diana revealed: "We had lunch, and very tricky, very tricky indeed." She continued: "She said, 'You're not going to hunt, are you?' I said 'No.'" This knowledge then, according to Diana, led Camilla to say, "'Oh, I just wanted to know that.'"

"I was still too immature to understand all the messages coming my way," Diana said of the conversation, hinting at the deeper meaning behind Camilla's words. Prince Charles had often met with Camilla in the countryside while Diana opted for city life.

Duchess Camilla missed the Queen's annual Christmas dinner 

Lady Diana confronted Camilla

Lady Diana said on tape recordings made secretly by a friend in Kensington Palace in 1991 that she had confronted Camilla with the affair.

Whether or not the events portrayed in The Crown are true to real-life we will never quite know. However, we do know what the late Lady Diana said in her documentary. Reportedly, Camilla will be watching the new season of The Crown even though Prince William is unhappy with how they have depicted his parents' relationship.