Prince Charles and Prince William want "immediate action" taken on the new developments in the Prince Andrew scandal, according to a report in the Mirror.

The Duke of York is making headlines again after he was sued this week for sexual assault by Virginia Roberts Giuffre. He's also now at Balmoral with The Queen — and the royals are said to be "concerned" about how the scandal will impact the monarchy.

Charles, William agree on next step in Prince Andrew scandal

So far, Prince Andrew and his team have not responded to the new lawsuit, filed in New York City on Monday. He has several options, including to ignore it altogether, but the senior royals are reportedly firm on what they want.

Prince Charles and Prince William are "united" on Andrew decision.

A royal source just told the Mirror: "First and foremost, Charles and William are united; there will never be a return to public life for Andrew."

That may be unsurprising, but earlier reports had said Prince Andrew actually still believed he could recover his image and return to royal duties. That no longer looks like a possibility, however.

As for next steps, Prince Charles and Prince William apparently want "immediate action" taken as they fear a long and drawn-out legal process could harm the Royal Family.

The Mirror source also said the royals "are undoubtedly increasingly concerned about the affect all of this turmoil could have on the Queen."

Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral with Prince Andrew, Charles

The 95-year-old Queen lost her husband of 73 years just a few months ago, and she's now at Balmoral where she's likely involved in this family discussion of her son's scandal. And it sounds like he'll never have a public role with the royals again.

Prince Andrew Spending Time With Royals At Balmoral After New Lawsuit

On Monday, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a survivor of Jeffrey Epstein's child sex trafficking ring, sued Prince Andrew for sexually assaulting her when she was 17. She's the same accuser whose allegations played a role in the Duke's downfall last year.

In filing her lawsuit, Giuffre said: "I am holding Prince Andrew accountable for what he did to me." She alleges that Epstein trafficked her for sex to the Duke of York who was aware of her status as an underage victim of a trafficking ring.

Prince Andrew has always denied wrongdoing in the face of the accusations, though he admitted to regretting his well-documented friendship with Epstein, the now-deceased pedophile, convicted sex offender, and accused child sex trafficker.