• Meghan Markle was targeted once again in a British newspaper
  • Jeremy Clarkson wrote the essay about his hate for Meghan
  • Thousands complained and want consequences for those involved

Duchess Meghan and her husband Prince Harry are currently attracting tons of attention worldwide with their Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan.

In the series, Harry and Meghan criticize not only the Royal Family but also, and perhaps more harshly, the press.

Meghan has been regularly torn apart by the media since she married Prince Harry – and it took a toll.

The UK hasn't been easy on Meghan Markle

For years, a legal battle even dragged on between the couple and the British newspaper The Daily Mail, after it illegally printed a private letter Meghan wrote to her father.

Now, fans who have supported Meghan through it all have their sights set on another journalist they'd love to see fired.

Also interesting:

In an article for The Sun newspaper, author and presenter Jeremy Clarkson now wrote that he despises Meghan and she should be driven naked through British cities.

This is a far cry from objective reporting or good journalism, and fans and readers of The Sun believe so too.

Thousands complain about latest attack by Jeremy Clarkson

Over 17,500 complaints have already been received by the newspaper, according to the PA news agency.

Clarkson has since spoken out, explaining that he meant to make a reference to the series Game of Thrones, and he will write with more caution in the future.

However, that's not enough for the Meghan supporters and also many politicians. Over 60 MPs want real consequences for the alleged journalist and an apology from editor-in-chief Victoria Newton.

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