For many people, Easter is a time spent with family. Lamb is prepared and eggs are hidden for the children. For the royals, too, it is a day based in tradition.

On Maundy Thursday, Queen Elizabeth II honours hard-working citizens with special coins and, on Easter Sunday, the entire Royal Family attends service at St George's Chapel. But due to COVID-19, many of these traditions sadly cannot take place in 2021.

Maundy Money: British Royal Family's Easter Tradition

Every year on the Thursday before Easter, the Queen hands out coins called "Maundy Money" to honourable British citizens. The number of coins distributed always depends on the age of the monarch. This tradition was introduced hundreds of years ago and modified somewhat by the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II is vaccinated against Covid-19 

The monarch awards the coins from two leather purses, one red and one white. In one, there are ordinary coins with which the recipient can buy clothes and groceries. In the other, there are Maundy coins, for which the value is determined by the age of the Queen.

In 2020, the coins were sent via mail due to the pandemic. This year, the popular tradition will likely be carried out by post once again.

Easter Sunday: The Royal Family attends church service

The royals usually spend the Easter weekend together at Windsor Castle. The family then goes to St. George's Chapel in Windsor on Sunday morning. According to Tatler, a roasted lamb is traditionally served after the church service.

The tradition of attending church was also revised in 2020, as the Queen was unable to go because of coronavirus precautions. In 2021, she most likely will attend and then return to Windsor Castle, according to Express.

Easter tradition: Queen Elizabeth II distributes Maundy money.

In recent years, the royals have even held painting workshops and Easter egg hunts for British children, but these events will not take place in 2021. All the same, Duchess Kate and Prince William will probably still hide a few eggs for Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

This year, Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan, and Archie will spend a second Easter in the United States, after also doing so in 2020.


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