• Charles Spencer is the younger brother of Lady Diana
  • Charles shared a never-before-seen childhood picture
  • The then five-year-old Diana also caused enthusiasm

Even decades after her death, Lady Diana's fans' admiration for her remains unbroken. Known as the "Queen of Hearts," she turned the royal family upside down, which her brother Charles Spencer witnessed firsthand. He likes to remember his famous sister, and recently did so with a childhood photo that has never been seen before.

Lady Diana's brother shares new family photo

Lady Diana's brother posted an image of a newspaper clipping on Instagram. The photo Charles shared features a Spencer family photo from 1966, at which time Diana would have been just 5 years old! 

John Spencer and Frances Shand Kydd pose for a photographer in the snapshot with their children— Lady Sarah McCorquodale, Jane Cynthia Spencer, Diana, and Charles.

Lady Diana sits in a dress and with a cute bob hairstyle in a toy car. Meanwhile, her little brother Charles empties a bucket of sand onto it. The then five-year-old Diana watched what was happening skeptically, but let her brother have fun.

Also interesting:

"A snapshot of family life in 1966," Charles wrote alongside the photo. Back then, probably no one could have guessed what a turbulent life Lady Diana would one day lead. The Spencers' family life also had cracks at this point, as Diana's mother filed for divorce just two years after the photo was taken— a separation which Charles revealed was difficult for Diana.