Back to Nature - that is the name of the latest playground project in which Duchess Catherine (37) was allowed to participate. On 10 September, the Royal inaugurated a new playground at the RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey County, where many children played around.

Mary Berry makes surprising gesture: Is Duchess Catherine pregnant?

The British TV personality Mary Berry (84) was also present on this day and got along splendidly with Duchess Catherine. While driving together in a tractor trailer, they repeatedly burst out laughing.

But then Mary Berry made a surprising gesture, which the photographers captured: She laid her hand on Duchess Kate's belly. Did she just want to feel the 37-year-old's stomach growl? Or could it be a sign that Kate is pregnant? That would be a BIG royal secret.

Rumours about a possible pregnancy for Duchess Catherine

The British media repeatedly speculates that both Kate and Duchess Meghan (38) could become mothers again in 2020. In addition even bets are running in Britain. Nobody would be surprised if Catherine was pregnant again, as The Sun writes.

For Catherine, the timing would be perfect: after all, royals should never be pregnant at the same time. According to Express, Catherine and Meghan were asked to discuss how they planned their pregnancies. If they were pregnant at the same time, one of the Duchesses could possibly outshine the other.

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