Kate, Meghan and Diana's After-Birth-Looks

Duchess Catherine and Prince William 
September 8, 2020 - 08:05 / Sandro Prodanovic

Fashion is everything nowadays! Whether it's on the runway or your casual stroll through the streets, the clothes you wear and how you wear them are of utmost importance! This makes a duchess' after-birth outfit all the more important... 

The first royal after-birth outing is always very important when it comes to international press! Yes, of course, we're here to see the adorable new royal family member, but, as you may expect, appearance is everything, and we as fashionistas are almost forced to take a closer look at what the duchess is wearing!

Kate, Meghan and Diana's After-Birth-Looks

From Princess Diana to Duchess Catherine and Duchess Meghan, check out the video above to find out what the royal stars were wearing at their latest after-birth press release! 

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan 

The royal duchesses were rocking some amazing outfits during their first after-birth outings! 

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