• Prince George is almost of age to go to boarding school
  • Kate Middleton recently visited her old college
  • THIS is what experts are speculating now

Kate faces a bittersweet moment. The decision for Prince George to follow in his father, Prince William, and uncle, Prince Harry's footsteps, by attending Eton College, a renowned all-boys boarding school, has been a point of contention between the two royal parents.

And so, according to 'People', Kate reportedly paid a visit to her old school, and sparked speculation that Prince George may also attend. The Princess of Wales, 41, headed back to Marlborough College for a visit, according to 'The Daily Mail'. "Catherine was here the other day," a source told their reporter. "It’s been the talk of the school."

Will George follow mom or dad's footsteps?

. 16/07/2023. London, United Kingdom. Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince George and Princess Charlotte in the Royal

In addition to Princess Kate and her two siblings, Pippa and James Middleton, being alumni, Princess Eugenie also attended the boarding school. Eton or Malborough can be a tough choice! Although Eton College students are between 13 and 18 years old, they must be registered before June 30 of the school year the boy turns 10. And little George had his in July. On the school's website, "After this, the only route of entry will be through scholarships or Sixth Form entry, which open in Year 8 and Year 11."

But is there a new era in royal education coming? The Wales kids attending Marlborough would be a break from royal tradition, just as William and later Prince Harry attending Eton was once a shakeup to the norm. William was the first senior royal to attend Eton, enrolling in 1995 at age 13; his father, King Charles, and grandfather, Prince Philip, attended Gordonstoun in Scotland. Eton wasn’t totally unfamiliar, as the brother and father of William’s mother, Princess Diana, both went there too!

'Marie Claire' magazine had previously reported that Kate is not a fan of sending George to Eton to board—just one of many ways that Kate is demonstrating a new way to parent a future monarch. "Coming from a different background, she appreciates the importance of having family time," a source close to the royals told 'People'. "She wasn’t brought up in that aristocratic setting where you see the children for a short time each day."

George will probably not weigh in on the decision

So, where exactly do the royal children go to school at the moment? Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis currently attend Lambrook School, that educates children up to age 13. William and Kate have been adamant about giving their children as normal an upbringing as possible, but they might make one or two exceptions with their education.

After previously being enrolled in London schools, the three kids started at the new school in September of last year 2022. This all happened because the family relocated their home base to Windsor. This all marked the first time that George, Charlotte and Louis all attended the same school together.

And now as George grows older, some tougher choices have to be made. And it's not yet so clear which way the royal parents will end up going. Perhaps there will be time to think things over yet. 

Also interesting:

William and Kate are currently off duty spending time with their kids, who are on half-term break from school. They’ll resume royal duties on October 30, the same day the kids go back to school. "Those children look pretty happy with life," a palace source told 'People'. "A lot of it is the stabilizing normality Kate brings—and that’s how she grew up. William absolutely loves it."

The important is to keep the children happy and learning. These days, the pressure from the media will be greater for them than their predecessors, and they'll need all the privacy they can get during their schooling. As the future monarch of Britain, Prince George's choice of school is a huge deal and can set the pace for others to come.

For now, Kate and William have some serious soul searching to do.