• Harry and Meghan are invited to the coronation
  • There are rules for the couple
  • They are not allowed to do some things

Prince Harry (38) has to watch from below! Planning for the coronation of King Charles (74) is in full swing. One thing is certain: there will be no balcony moment for Harry and Meghan!

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are excluded

At Buckingham Palace, everyone agrees that the couple will probably not attend the big unveiling of the newly crowned King on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with the rest of the family. 

Also interesting:

THIS is why Harry and Meghan are excluded: "Basically, the couture-clad sideshow of the Sussexes would most likely distract the masses and the media from the King," Ms Elser said to the NZ Herald.

Details of the coronation of King Charles

So if Harry wants to attend his father's coronation, he'll have to watch from below. Whether Harry will even be there at all is not certain yet. 

Also, according to a Twitter post by The Times pundit Roya Nikkhah, 53, Harry will not appear on the coronation schedule and, should he attend, will not play a role in the service.

After the release of Harry's book, he and Meghan are so unpopular with Brits. We can therefore be curious as to whether the two will watch from below or whether they will avoid the entire event.