• Harry and Meghan's Netflix documentary continues
  • The two unpack wild details about their time as senior royals
  • Find out what they say about the palace

The second part of Harry & Meghan is now on Netflix. The new episodes have it all again: The Prince and the Duchessunpack piquant details. The main focus is on how the press deals with Meghan (41).

Harry and Meghan: Strong allegations against palace

The handling of the press with Meghan is in focus. It all started after Meghan announced her first pregnancy during a trip to Australia. At the time, there were largely positive headlines surrounding her and Harry, and the couple was at the height of their popularity.

So the two got more attention than the future royal couple William and Kate - the palace is said not to have liked that at all. Was it actively ensured that the press wrote badly about Meghan?

At least that's what Harry suggests in the documentary. Articles about Meghan and Kate are compared. For example, while Kate was celebrated for a certain look, Meghan was criticized for an almost identical outfit.

Also interesting:

As Meghan's reputation deteriorated, so did her mental health.

Harry raises clear words against his family: "The lies, that's one thing -- you kind of get used to that when you live within this family -- but what they were doing to her and the effect that it was having on her." Meghan eventually even struggled with suicidal thoughts.

In the documentary, Harry explains that he regrets how he handled it. He was taught by his family to pay more attention to what others say and to keep appearances.