Prince William and Duchess Kate's children Prince George, 8, and Princess Charlotte, 6, are getting bigger and bigger.

The older the young royals get, the more their similarities to other family members becomes clear. It's noticeable that George and Charlotte do not resemble William and Kate quite as much as fans once thought.

Prince George looks like the Spencer family  

Prince George used to look most like his maternal grandfather, Michael Middleton. Most of all, the little prince inherited his nose, eyes and hair from Kate's dad.

Michael Middleton, father of Duchess Kate.

But in newer pictures of Prince George, you can see a resemblance to the family of Princess Diana. The heir to the throne now looks a good deal like his great-uncle, Earl Charles Spencer. This is seen especially in the shape of the head.

Count Charles Spencer is Princess Diana's little brother
Prince George

Princess Charlotte looks like Diana's niece  

Princess Charlotte also has a lot of Spencer in her. On her 29th birthday, Diana's niece Lady Kitty Spencer shared a childhood throwback on Instagram. Many followers immediately noticed a similarity to little Charlotte.

You'll remember that Charlotte's name also connects her to the family of Prince William and Prince Harry's mother. Her full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. This commemorates her late grandmother, Princess Diana.

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