• Meghan and Prince Harry quit royal work in 2020
  • Experts think this could change in the future
  • The two hope to work as "part-time royals"

Prince Harry, 37, and Duchess Meghan, 40, stepped down as working royals and moved to the US almost two years ago. The couple now lives in California.

These days, they work at their Archewell foundation and with entertainment giants like Netflix, among others. However, the two do not seem ready to leave royal life behind for good, as royal expert Tom Quinn now explains.

Meghan and Harry want to be "part-time royals"

The expert told the To Di For Daily podcast: "One interesting thing an insider told me... Meghan and Harry believe that when the elder royals die – in other words, Elizabeth – they may well be able when Charles is King, be able to come back and be the part-time royals that they really wanted to be."

Meghan and Harry are said to have hoped for a half-year job for a long time. They would spend six months in the UK and the other six in the US. 

"That was something that Queen Elizabeth absolutely said couldn't happen," Quinn continued. "I think Meghan and Harry are hoping that Charles, Harry's father after all, will be more of a moderniser and will say to them, 'Okay, if you want to be part-time royals, that's fine.'"

Also interesting:

The expert is certain that Meghan and Harry only wanted to give up their full-time jobs as royals, but are still open to work with the Royal Family. There are already signs that Prince Harry does not want to say goodbye to the royals completely.

The Prince recently extended his lease for Frogmore Cottage and thus retains a residence in England. He can continue to work as a state counsellor, among other things, and would have a home in the UK right away.

Prince Harry is also trying to sort out security issues with the British government. He's been open about wanting his family to spend time in the UK, but he currently feels it's unsafe to do so.