Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla are wishing fans a Merry Christmas... but some are calling their photo on this year's holiday card "odd" and "strange."

Today, the couple unveiled the photo for their annual card. It's a shot of Charles reaching in to help Camilla put on her face mask. But is it an affectionate moment that sums up another pandemic year, or does the picture miss the mark?

Fans react to Charles and Camilla's 2021 Christmas card

Well, the photo certainly got royal fans talking. Here it is if you haven't seen it yet. The summery picture is from royal ascot in June. In the moment, Camilla had her hands full while getting masked up, so her husband lent a helping hand.

GMA's Victoria Murphy, for example, called it "a fabulous shot." But other fans were perplexed by the choice for a Christmas card.

"Strange choice," one fan wrote. "Sweet, him helping her put on her mask. It sums up the year well. Still odd though," another Twitter user added. 

A more critical commenter chimed in: "A bit odd they chose an example of how not to properly doff PPE for a Christmas card, but to each their own I suppose." A few other reactions were "dreadful" and "awful choice."

Others yet saw it as a smart comment on a COVID-19 Christmas. "I think it's cute and cheeky. Shows a sense of humor. I like it," wrote an approving fan. "I love it," added another.

A top-liked comment on Twitter also read: "Yes, it's a very weird, unprecedented and unusual choice for Christmas card. But, why not? After all we're living in a very weird time and place right now, aren't we?"

Charles and Camilla chose a mask photo for their 2021 Christmas card.

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla recently spoke out to "urge" the British people to get vaccinated against COVID-19, so it's not shocking that they went with a mask-related moment for their holiday card.

How do you feel about the picture? You can also click here to see the slightly less divisive portrait Prince William and Duchess Kate chose for their card this year.