On Monday, the Prince of Wales opened up a temporary field hospital via video message in Cardiff, Wales. The Ysbyty Calon Y Ddraig, or Dragon's Heart Hospital, is yet another emergency coronavirus hospital and was set up in record time at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

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In his recorded message, Prince Charles emphasized how much the "immense effort" made by everyone involved has impressed him. And he also showed all royal fans that he still has some great language skills when it comes to Welsh!

"In a facility named, so evocatively and so appropriately, Calon y Ddraig, what can I say except 'diolch o galon,' (heartfelt thanks) and express the warmest possible thanks for what you have done, and all that you will do in this hospital, and all those other field hospitals, across Wales, where buildings have been transformed as part of the immense effort to combat the dreadful threat we face. 'Llongyfarchiadau ichi i gyd'. (Congratulations to you all.)"

The future King, who was diagnosed with the disease in March, went on to pay tribute to all health service professionals and other workers that have passed away during the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch Prince Charles' video message here!

"Such commitment, of course, has come at a price. And as the days have gone by, we have become ever more painfully aware of those in our National Health and public services who have made the ultimate sacrifice in caring for others, giving their lives in the service of their fellow men and women, without thought of reward, and without regard for self."

"Today, we honor their memory, and can resolve, in words long used to commemorate those who fell in other conflicts: 'ay haberth nid â heibio' – their sacrifice shall not be forgotten."

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