Prince Charles is facing questions about his controversial brother Prince Andrew.

The Duke of York was just stripped of his royal connections, after a judge refused to dismiss a sexual abuse lawsuit against him. Meanwhile, Prince Charles was in Scotland today when a reporter asked for his "view" on the scandal.

Prince Charles confronted about Prince Andrew scandal

The question came as Prince Charles met locals in Aberdeenshire. James Matthews from Sky News approached him and clearly asked: "Your royal highness, can I ask your view on your brother's position? Prince Andrew?"

Matthews is heard repeating, "How do you view it?" as he gets pushed aside in favour of men who warmly greet the royal.

Prince Charles, outfitted in hiking gear, doesn't acknowledge the Prince Andrew remark. Men also rushed in to block the reporter asking the question.

The moment comes as the Royal Family has been in crisis mode. Prince Andrew has been fighting a lawsuit for sexual abuse, and a judge finally ruled this week that the case will go to trial.

Queen Elizabeth responded the next day by revoking her son's royal patronages, military roles and, reportedly, his use of the HRH style.

The Palace released a brief statement on Thursday which also stated Prince Andrew will face the lawsuit as "a private citizen."

Prince Charles, meanwhile, remained typically quiet on the scandal in his family. Just recently, he has dodged several reporter questions on Prince Harry's unflattering remarks about the royals.

Now, if Prince Andrew doesn't settle out of court, he will face a civil trial in the US this September.