Harry and Meghan have their sights set on a re-entry into the entertainment world.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex relocated to Los Angeles in March, and a new report says that they wasted little time in conceiving a new media project. On Aug. 18, Variety revealed that the couple has been "quietly shopping" the project to companies in Hollywood. Here are the first details.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's new Hollywood project

For now, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's project remains "top-secret," according to Variety. As such, it's not yet known if they have in mind a scripted TV series, a documentary project, or another format altogether.

But in June, the couple did pitch their concept to multiple companies, including NBCUniversal—whose chairman is familiar with Meghan dating back to her time on Suits. Despite this connection, Variety confirmed that the Duchess has "absolutely no plans to act" at this time. It's thought that Harry and Meghan would serve as producers on the mystery project.

Meghan and Harry news: TV and movie work on the horizon?

Though the Sussexes have not collaborated on a major media project since stepping down as senior royals, they have each continued to feature in minor TV and documentary work since March.

Meghan's role as the narrator of Disney's Elephants made headlines in April when it premiered days after the March 31 conclusion to the royal exit saga. Prince Harry, meanwhile, has made appearances in a royal-themed Thomas the Tank Engine episode on Netflix and in the trailer for the streamer's Paralympic Games documentary, Rising Phoenix.

Variety added that it's unknown if the Duke and Duchess pitched their project to Disney or Netflix. In the months that have followed their move to L.A., Harry and Meghan have shifted to speaking work, which has supported environmental causes and the fight against online hate speech and racial and gendered inequalities. It remains to be seen if their project will address social or activist causes such as these.

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