First birthday without Philip

Prince Harry To Stay For The Queen's Birthday

Prince Harry wants to stay in London for the Queen's birthday

Prince Harry traveled to London for the funeral of his grandfather Prince Philip. Now an insider reveals that the Duke of Sussex will in fact be staying for the Queen's birthday. 

Prince Harry (36), who came to the funeral of Prince Philip († 99) will not be leaving just yet. As the Evening Standard writes, an insider has revealed that the Duke of Sussex has not purchased a return flight to California yet. 

Harry wanted to stay a little longer in London to see his grandmother on her birthday. April 21st Her Majesty The Queen is turning 95 95 years old. It will be her first birthday after more than 73 years that she spends without her husband. 

Queen Elizabeth II mourns the loss of her deceased husband, Prince Philip

Prince Harry's top priority is Meghan 

However, Prince Harry's top priority is his wife Meghan. She is heavily pregnant at their home in California. Harry seems to be itching to get back home but will of course support his family by staying in London for the celebrations of the Queen's 95th birthday. 

Prince Harry will travel to London again by summer at the latest. On July 1st a statue of Lady Diana († 36) will be revealed so he and his older brother Prince William will be attending the unveiling. It would have been her 60th birthday.