Prince William crossed paths with a lively fan this week in Scotland.

While visiting an elderly care home in Edinburgh, the Duke met 96-year-old Betty Magee — who was keen for a kiss on the cheek from the prince. The cute interaction was caught on camera.

Prince William reacts to woman, 96, asking for a kiss

As Prince William sat down with Betty, she said, "It's customary in these parts to give a lady a kiss on the cheek," reported Daily Mail.

Prince William responded, "Oh you are sweet. You'll make me blush." He then wisely refused due to health concerns but promised: "When the rules relax more I will come back and give you a kiss on the cheek, Betty."

Instead, Betty agreed to a quick touch of Prince William's face in the meantime.

Prince William reacts to 96-year-old woman asking for a kiss in Scotland.

On Instagram, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also posted a moment from the interaction. A staff member is heard joking to William, "Could you stop flirting with my residents, please?"

He replied jokingly, "Sorry, I'm trying not to — I'm not sure who's flirting more!"

As it turns out, Betty, who is a World War II veteran, had planned out her request. Afterward, she said, "I wanted a kiss from a prince. He asked how old I was and I told him I had just had my 96th birthday and I just asked him for a kiss.

"He said he couldn't and then I reached out and stroked his cheek," Betty added, according to Daily Mail. "I could go for him in a good way. He is a bit of all right."

Prince William, Duchess Kate continue tour of Scotland

Prince William and Duchess Kate are now on Day 5 of their seven-day tour of Scotland. On Tuesday, they're visiting the island of Orkney.

Prince William reacts to 96-year-old woman asking for a kiss in Scotland.

Earlier in the trip, the Duke of Cambridge spoke on his emotional connections to Scotland, the country where he learned of his mother's tragic death and where he met his future wife, Kate Middleton, at university.

They'll conclude their tour on Thursday.

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