Every September, many children make their way to school for the first time. Princess Charlotte (4) also packed her bag on 5 September. The daughter of Prince William (37) and Duchess Catherine (37) is now attending Thomas's Battersea School.

Prince George's first day of school took place without his mother Catherine

Her brother Prince George (6) has been at school a little longer. He started school in September of 2017. But the little Prince did not have both parents there for his big day.

He only came accompanied by his father Prince William, as Catherine was pregnant with Louis (1) and could not be there because of her morning sickness.

Princess Charlotte's first day of school

Princess Charlotte's big day was different: She got the full support from her family on her first day at school. Her parents Catherine and William were both there to accompany the four-year-old.

Of course, her brother George was also there, as you can see on the first pictures of Charlotte's first school day. Charlotte and George looked simply enchanting in their school uniforms.

What they both had in common was that they both seemed a little shy when they first entered the school courtyard. The shyness quickly vanished, however, when they were received by headmistress Helen Haslem. 

Prince Charlotte now attends the same school as Prince George

George can certainly help Charlotte settle in at her new school, as he has been going to Thomas's Battersea for two years already

Princess Charlotte does not have to pay as much school fees as George. Since she is already the second child of the Duke and Duchess at the prestigious London school, so the Cambridges actually get a bulk discount.

Princess Charlotte, Duchess Catherine, Prince George and Prince William at Thomas's Battersea.

Charlotte now attends the same school as her brother...!

Princess Charlotte's First Day Of School: The Cute First Pictures

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