Queen Elizabeth II has stepped out for her first in-person royal engagement following Prince Philip's funeral. On Tuesday, the royal was seen attending the State Opening of Parliament— where she appeared without her late husband for the first time— but the ceremony proceedings were less formal than usual.

Queen Elizabeth II wore special brooches at scaled-back event

Queen Elizabeth II looked elegant in a blue dress and hat, both of which were accented by yellow floral detailing. She also accessorized with pearl earrings, a pearl necklace, and some sparkly brooches that she's had for years. Commonly referred to as the aquamarine clip brooches, they were an 18th birthday gift from her parents. 

As Hello! mentions, the queen last wore the accessory back in May 2020, as she delivered a special address to the nation for VE Day. Queen Elizabeth II would traditionally don ceremonial garb for the event— including the Robe of State and Imperial State Crown. However, safety guidelines imposed by the government called for this year's State Opening of Parliament to be less formal.

Queen Elizabeth II delivers the Queen's Speech in the House of Lord's Chamber during the State Opening of Parliament on May 11, 2021.

Queen Elizabeth II assumes throne solo at State Opening

Queen Elizabeth II did still adhere to certain parts of ceremonial tradition during the State Opening of Parliament. While the monarch delivered her speech, she sat on the Sovereign's Throne. However, something was noticeably different. That's because the Consort's Throne— which Prince Philip had assumed— was not present in the room.

As Hello! shares, the late Duke of Edinburgh had accompanied Queen Elizabeth II to the event for the last several years, so his absence was felt. While the queen may have been alone on her throne though, she still had some royal support! Duchess Camilla and Prince Charles were both in attendance, seen occupying Chairs of State.

It was recently revealed that Prince Philip had passed away of natural causes, with his death certificate citing "old age" as the cause. Queen Elizabeth II recently mailed out a special card to those who sent their condolences after her husband's passing, thanking well-wishers for their "kind words of sympathy."

Queen Elizabeth II visiting Somerset


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