Queen Elizabeth II departed from Windsor Castle today to walk her pet dogs at the nearby Frogmore Gardens. She was photographed on the brief journey by car, and it was the first time she's been seen after Prince Philip passed away.

Queen Elizabeth seen for first time since Prince Philip's death

It's the first sighting of the Queen in one week since her husband of 73 years died on April 9. Following the loss, the monarch initially paused her royal duties, but she surprised many by returning to work just five days later this past Wednesday.

But today, the Queen was on the move, leaving Windsor Castle for Frogmore Gardens with her Corgis. The 94-year-old was pictured getting behind the wheel of her Jaguar while a lone guard stood by. (You can click here to enlarge the photo via Daily Mail.)

The Queen is famously an owner of Corgis, and she is believed to have adopted two new ones in recent months after she had been left with just one following the death of Vulcan in 2020. She took them for a walk today one day ahead of Prince Philip's funeral.

Since the passing of Prince Philip, Royal Family members have spoken on how brave and strong Queen Elizabeth has been. Countess Sophie said she had been "amazing" in the days after the loss, while Prince Andrew said his mother had been "incredibly stoic" this week.

Prince Philip will be laid to rest tomorrow, April 17, following a ceremony at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle.