Queen Elizabeth II (94) mourns her dog Vulcan. She has been breeding dorgis - a mix of corgis, her favorite dog, and dachshunds - since she was 18. The dog Vulcan was also a dorgi - one bred by Her Majesty.     

The Queen mourns her dog Vulcan

The Queen of England has provided a home for over 30 dogs since she started breeding with her first female, Susan. Only the animals Candy and Vulcan were left - now the latter has died at the old age of 13, as reported by The Sun.  

Queen Elizabeth II bred dogs until 2018

According to sources, the Queen is said to be very sad about the loss of her dog. Now, she only has Candy at her side, which is her last four-legged friend. Queen Elizabeth II stopped breeding the animals a few years ago because she does not want to leave a dog after her death, as reported by The Telegraph.

The sad news follows after the Cambridges also lost one of their furry friends. Her grandson recently had to deal with the same pain: Prince William and Duchess Kate also mourned the beloved family dog, Lupo, in late November.

Rest in peace, Vulcan and Lupo.