Will Queen Elizabeth disappear from royalty after the death of Prince Philip? In The New York Times this week, it has been suggested that after the death of her husband Prince Philip, the British monarch is contemplating gradually abandoning her responsibilities and royal commitments.

Queen Elizabeth II intends to "fade gracefully" from royal life

Queen Elizabeth II plans to rest and enjoy what could be the last years of her life. Reports also assure that her descendants will take a predominant role in the monarchy, with Prince Charles serving as the queen's official consort in her preparation to ascend to the throne.

The monarch is expected to slowly disappear from royal life in the coming months and hand over her responsibilities to her children and grandchildren, according to royal expert Peter Hunt. "Basically, the queen will fade gracefully," the former BBC correspondent told The New York Times.

Queen Elizabeth at an event in London in 2013

Hunt also commented that the queen's decision was influenced by the recent death of Prince Philip and her outlook on the world after the COVID-19 pandemic. "Covid has helped in the sense that it has accelerated what any sensible 95-year-old woman would want to do," he said, "which is not stand on your feet all day long."

The queen stepping back to make room for Prince Charles? 

According to experts, Queen Elizabeth II's gradual stepping back from her royal activities could be one of the steps leading up to Prince Charles' ascent to the British throne.

Queen Elizabeth at an event in Berlin in 2015

In recent weeks, Charles— who will serve as the queen's official consort in her last years of life— has begun to take on more responsibilities within the royal family. "It is a clear signal that the Queen does not want the crown to skip a generation," a source told The Sun.

The same goes for Prince William and Duchess Kate. The Mirror has mentioned that the couple have taken on an increasingly important role in royalty and have benefited from the absence of Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle. 


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