Lightening the mood

The Queen's Joke That Had World Leaders Laughing At The G7 Summit

Queen Elizabeth's Joke Gets G7 Leaders Laughing At 2021 Summit

Queen Elizabeth II had world leaders laughing during a reception for the 2021 G7 Summit this weekend. At the event, the Queen dropped a one-liner while posing for a group photo. This was her joke that had politicians including Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, and Angela Merkel chuckling.

Queen Elizabeth II lightened the mood at this year's G7 summit.

This week, world leaders descended upon the UK for the 2021 G7 Summit. The Queen and senior Royals hosted them in Cornwall, and the 95-year-old monarch charmed her guests with a sharp one-liner during a photoshoot.

Queen Elizabeth's joke gets laughs at G7 summit

At the reception, the Queen joined the G7 leaders for a group portrait. After about 30 seconds of posing for the photographers, the Queen remarked: "Are you supposed to look as if you're enjoying yourself?"

Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, and Angela Merkel were among the politicians who enjoyed the Queen's quip.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson quickly answered her, saying: "Yes, definitely. We have been enjoying ourselves in spite of appearances."

The interaction occurred on Friday as the Queen hosted G7 leaders at the Eden Project, an eco-tourism site in Cornwall, where the 2021 G7 Summit took place.

As part of the event, Queen Elizabeth was reunited with Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla, Prince William and Duchess Kate, who joined the monarch in greeting the world leaders.

Queen Elizabeth II with the G7 leaders at the 2021 summit.

In addition, the Duchess of Cambridge even stepped out on Friday for a joint engagement with US First Lady Jill Biden, as she'd accompanied her husband President Joe Biden on the trip.

The Bidens have also since met the Queen today at Windsor Castle.