• During Queen Elizabeth II's funeral service, Princess Charlotte whispered something to her brother
  • She pointed out something important to Prince George
  • This is what she said to him

The royal family was of course present at the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II (†96). The Queen's great-grandchildren, Prince George (9) and Princess Charlotte (7), also attended the ceremony.

Queen Elizabeth II's funeral: Princess Charlotte reminding Prince George

A particularly heartwarming scene was witnessed between Prince George and Princess Charlotte as Queen Elizabeth II's coffin was carried through the streets of London in an impressive funeral procession.

As the Queen's coffin passed in front of the siblings, Charlotte whispered something to George.

The young Princess apparently told her older brother that he now had to bow his head. The well-behaved George did so immediately.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte: Royal fans are thrilled

The video, capturing this sweet moment between Prince George and Princess Charlotte, went viral with thousands of views and shares.

Royal fans are delighted that bright Princess Charlotte is reminding her older brother Prince George. Everyone is certain: with such a conscientious sister at his side, Prince George will one day be a very good King.

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