• Meghan and Prince Harry are in the UK
  • Reports say they made a secret stop there
  • It came before they head to the Invictus Games

Well this comes as a surprise: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are in the UK. For the first time in two years, the couple is in England together and has met with Queen Elizabeth, according to multiple reports.

Secret trip: Meghan and Prince Harry meet the Queen

Harry and Meghan, who live in California, are heading to the Netherlands this weekend for the Invictus Games. But they quietly stopped to visit the royals first.

TMZ reports they flew from Los Angeles to London on Tuesday night for a "lowkey visit" with family. Since arriving, the couple has spent time with Queen Elizabeth II in Windsor and with Prince Charles, confirms The Sun.

Also interesting:

It's unclear how the meetings went, but Meghan and Prince Harry have notably been at odds with the royals for years now. From the royal exit to the Oprah interview, their drama has dominated recent news with the Royal Family.

But, despite the well-known clashes, the couple has maintained a strong relationship with Harry's grandmother Queen Elizabeth.

The Queen has been dealing with health problems in recent months, and Harry said he wanted to visit her ASAP in a statement last month. He stayed true to his word.

Prince Harry had been away from his homeland since July 2021, and Meghan hadn't been back since March 2020. The couple also missed Prince Philip's spring memorial in March.

The secret stop-in comes before Harry and Meghan head to The Hague, Netherlands, where this year's Invictus Games begin on Saturday.