• Prince Charles has a new nickname for Camilla
  • He called his wife "Mehbooba" at an event
  • The royal used the Urdu word in a speech

Prince Charles casually dropped a new nickname for Duchess Camilla at a recent engagement. During a speech on Monday, the royal raised a few eyebrows when he called his wife "Mehbooba."

Mehbooba: Prince Charles's nickname for Camilla explained

Prince Charles used the name at the recent British Asian Trust ceremony. On Twitter, journalist Saima Mohsin pointed out it's actually an Urdu word that means "beloved."

In his speech (video here), Prince Charles said: "I cannot quite believe it is almost two years to the day that both my Mehbooba and myself were able to be with all of you to celebrate the work of the British Asian Trust."

It's unclear, but Prince Charles may have picked it up from a guest or chosen it to endear himself to the attendees. The event celebrated the British Asian Trust.

Also interesting:

Charles and his Mehbooba have been making big headlines in recent days. Over the weekend, Queen Elizabeth II confirmed she wants Camilla to be Queen Consort when Charles is King.

More concerning news came on Thursday. Prince Charles tested positive for COVID-19 for a second time.

The 73-year-old is now in self-isolation. Worried royal fans also have eyes on the Queen, as she met with her son two days before his COVID-positive result.