Over 73 years later and Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip had been the perfect example of true love and respect. Take a look back at their first time being photographed in public together. 

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip In 1946

Back when she was simply Princess Elizabeth and he was Prince Philip of Greece or Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, the pair were a part of their mutual cousin's Lady Patricia Mountbatten's wedding party in October 1946. Philip was a groomsman and Elizabeth was a bridesmaid along with her sister Princess Margaret. 

Princess Elizabeth, Princess Margaret, and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten at the wedding of the Hon. Patricia Mountbatten to Captain the Lord Brabourne on 26 October 1946.

Philip was a strapping 25 and Elizabeth was a striking 20-year-old Monarch to-be. Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret met Prince Philip at the event when a photographer snapped a photo of the moment the pair locked eyes. this was the image that first caused the newspapers to speculate about their relationship that was not public knowledge yet. 

It is clear why considering Philip is wearing an enormous smile and neither is letting go of eye contact. According to the New York Times, Elizabeth had once described Philip to her father as "the only man I could ever love." The pair had met years before when she was 13 and he was 18 but did not begin to pursue a relationship until Elizabeth was an adult. 

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Couple Quiz

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In 1939, the two met again at a Royal Navy College event where Elizabeth said she fell in love with Philip. How old were they respectively?

Their engagement was announced the following year after these photos were taken on July 9th, 1947. They married on November 20th, of the same year and went on to have their 4 children, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. 

Their marriage outlasted all others that the public was so sure would survive. His passing on Friday, April 9th has been quite a shock to the Commonwealth and the Royal family but the support Her Majesty has been receiving is endless and full of love.